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Flower Power

Not exactly a reference to the hippy sixties and flower power but to the amazing impact flowers can have on people and wellbeing – emotional health! I won’t go into the other power of flowers in the poisons etc although there is some interesting stuff there…

Studies, including by the good people of Rutgers University, have shown that flowers directly affect how people feel and behave.


Effect on happiness

According to the research, flowers can actually make people feel happy. This is perhaps one of the reasons flowers are associated with happy events such as anniversaries and weddings and even sad ones such as funerals. The research participants displayed signs of happiness including excitement, gratitude and delight on receiving of flowers.

Long-term effect on mood

The research showed that over time, with increased exposure to flowers, participants would record a decrease in anxiety, stress and depression. The individuals also showed a greater interest in life and seemed to be more satisfied. This is why hospitals and care homes, as well as office environments like to use plants and flowers to improve the environment and people’s mood!

Effect on intimacy

Research shows that the presence of flowers increased the amount of contact that people had, their development of trust and their openness towards each other. The action of sending or receiving flowers, therefore, makes us more intimate and social!

Effect on sharing

If you had a bouquet of Teleflora's Possibly Pink or any other flower arrangement, where would you be most likely to display it? Obviously where your friends and family can see it. Consciously or unconsciously we like to share the joy and benefits that the flowers bring to us with everyone around us.

Flowers can be mysterious and hold many secrets. Nevertheless, we take comfort in knowing that they help with our social and emotional wellbeing. Not to mention the smell can be incredible!